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stabhurt's Journal

i had jesse romanoff
1 August
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my posi-hipster antics:
"i melt when you wear that white belt"

CLUBS/associations. i am sworn in. by (lack of secrecy). a book club called "read standing up, cry sitting down" mostly we do petty crimes, dress up in costume. motto: "analytical logistics left dead" we preform monologues, speak in tongues..much like a bible study..but everyone has a good hair cut.
c.a.s.a (coalition against social atrophy) once again costumes and crimes (e.g. spray paint, photocopiers,sizzers,glue stix, batons (found on dead police officers)stencils,dumpsters,bicycles, scams) regular punk rock(ness). also, friends ferever club! (exclamation ensues inregard to mail box smashing) "through dance and song we grow strong" bout holdin hands n being sxe and dancing a lot.

damage: this robot coffin. r.i.p. anna gram.
we need not werds but amends.

1980, admit it!, adventure, all ages, alone, always, and stuff, anna gram, archetype, atlas, august fist!, awesomeness, bend sinister, bike rides, breaking free, callbox (quasi sexcore fucktroupe), cassette tapes, catch out, choo choo trains, claudio parentella, collage, collectivity, coloring books, compadre, compass, copy machines, country, cut it out, d.i.y., dance parties, dance troupe, destroy!, dreaming, drums n geetar, duct tape, dumpster diving, dumpsters, dunk tank, emo, expiremental, fighting, flash lights, folk, forever, four hands clapping, free box, freegan, genderfuck, george de mestral, glasses, glue sticks, grandpa, grrls with drum machines, hand holding, health, hearts and crafts, hella, her handwriting, highway one, hxc, johnnydeathsquad, kathy acker, kazoo, kissed, learning, lefty loosey, letters, libraries, life, love, mail, memories, minimalist, mixtapes, monologues, monster, mutiny, no school, over the fence, pedro, pink rockbox (r.i.p. 1996), plans made, platonic, promises, punk fuckin' rock, queer, raleigh, reactions, reading lists, revolution!, robot boys named franky, robot grrls named lacey, robots!, roof hopping, sailing, sewing, ships, silos, single speeds, sizzers, solidarity, soup, spraypaint, squating, stealing, stencils, stick n poke, swooning, sxe, tape trade, the kids, the lunchbox, the porch, the souff, trash, traveling, truth, unschooling, until the end, voice, walkie talkies, words, wrist sacks, writing, yer harmonica, yer not metal, you and me, youth, zoe phobious