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josh is on a fixie. say's i need urban bike riding practice since im moving to chicago. so when better than a friday afternoon downtown? the josh and merri bike brigade has one rule! when riding you MUST show yer assssss crack. thats right embrace the fact yer bag makes yer shirt ride up and yes let those pants sink a bit below yer waist. ok, but seriously josh's next lesson is "when getting hit by a car this is how you roll safley off the hood". he's nuts, he's crazy on his fixed, he says im a wimp on a geared bike, (true but i dont use the gears..i know i know.) so i told him i would peddle consistently and not let the bike coast. josh yells at sport cyclists screaming, "work on yer cadence you wimp!". er "ride a fixed not just on yer trainer!!!" er "oh, i bet you stand up on yer bike fer slight inclines ha ha ha ha". i think we almost got our ass' kicked like a million times today and the traffic was killer and bus drivers despite the sticker on the back of the bus that says "share the road" do not like us on our bikes and yesss do try to run us over... (josh's fault).

ok, so against me! is playing tomorrow night! radtastic and well, im retiring my ol' 5 speed that ive had ferever ever ever and ever. it's my single speed from here on out. love you you you you.
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