i had jesse romanoff (stabhurt) wrote,
i had jesse romanoff

i think i fell asleep cause i know fer sure i woke up.
everyone thinks they have sars and everyone drinks pabst blue ribbon. seriously.
if you got drunk last night then most likely you fell off yer bike. or you got "hella" tattooed on yer leg.
i had a dream that i kissed this girl that i wasnt aware i like but im thinking i do cause i have these dreams about her and she's a fucking jerk but thats rad fer some reason. but she's mucho intangible, like whoa. so im already over it. last night everyone participated in the 2003 "there is nothing dance about a party mix tape" we all rotated and took turns putting a song on the tape. i have to make copies now and pass them out along wiff photo copying the song list.
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