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testing 1-2 testing 1-2

ok im going through a bunch of practice tapes labeling them cause they are all blank and a mess in a drawer. i have come to the realization that i a)blame the mic fer sounding like shit b)stop songs juss to start swearing c)according the other (member) of the band need proffesional lessons.

quotes from tapes im going through:

"i don't like the sound of this microooooooooophone"
(in the middle of song while still singing the tune)

"lalalalala i can't hear myself singing"

"fuck, what the fuck fuck fuck fuck..."
(followed by throwing of something)

"i wish we could get married"
(followed by hysterical laughing and applause)

"i just fucked that song up" followed by looong yawn
(then long what sounds like an oral accapella dissertation about not being anything anyone wants)

heres my fav:
while still singing the tune.."i can't seeeee the striiiiings"

"fuck dude this sounds like shit..this shit is fucked"

"this song is in an attempt to.. i cannot, i cannot sing, i repeat cannot sing"

"and i cannot keep my face in front of the microphone"
(in the middle of a song while still playing and singing in tune)

and a lot of yelling "i cannot sing!!!!"

altered lyrics:

"ive got 2 guns 3 knives and 10 wives"

"do do do fuck this mic!"

(and some weird ramblings about smurfs, sex and harry potter look alike make out sessions.. lots of weird accents and the use of the werd oi fer some strange reason. a lot of heavy breathing and gurgling sex noises..some amens and praise gods)

i have found myself to be the most annoying singer and geetarist ever !!! p.s. keep me away from the reverb box


(this stuff collected after going through only about a quarter of the tapes)
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