i had jesse romanoff (stabhurt) wrote,
i had jesse romanoff

today i found an old kazoo in the trash. i also made the design fer cross stitch and managed to make shirts..they are semi hot. also made rubber stamps. also, made a super cool thing fer aurora involving the cross stitch print..rubber stamps... and paper i found (i bound note books and printed the werds love and cross stitch on em) my cross stitch stamp sucks hella. i also found a book about how to build stuff. which excites me. like house repairs..which is essential. eh, and rather good news i got a fixed gear! a converted peugeot frame, its hot. also which may be humorous to some of you.. i got a bike trainer. this to me though is raddddddddd. cause now i can take my bike in my bedroom and ride her. whoa!
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